The Cocktails

We craft our cocktails to be similar to the cocktails you know and love. We change them to add a unique twist by using our seltzers in each one! 

Mint Splash

Lemon Shrub, Whiskey, Mint & Lemon/Lime/Cucumber Seltzer

Colorado Mule

Lime Juice, Whiskey, Simple Syrup & Lemon/Lime/Cucumber Seltzer


6AM Alarm

Mango Puree, Grenadine, Vodka & Blueberry Seltzer

Berry White

Cranberry Shrub, Vodka and Blueberry Seltzer


 Lemon Head

Lemon Shrub, Simple Syrup, Elderflower Liqueur, Gin & LLC Seltzer


Lime Juice, Gin, Mint, Mango Puree & Blueberry Seltzer


El Torro Blanco

Lime juice, Simple Syrup, Silver Agave Spirit & Lemon/Lime/Cucumber Seltzer

El Torro Loco

Jalapeno, Orange Shrub, Lime Juice, and Mezcal Tequila


Acai Mojito

Lime Juice, Mint, Silver Rum, Acai Berry & Blueberry Seltzer

Piña On The Rockies

Equal Lime Juice & Mango, Grenadine, Silver Rum & Piña Colada Seltzer